May 12, 2015

Elizabeth Eakins

Quite some time ago I came across Elizabeth Eakins and her pretty beyond pretty floor coverings, wallpaper and fabrics and I have been meaning to share them you with ever since! Carpets, rugs, and runners and have come such a far way from the boring brown and tan shags. I love the idea of keeping your walls and the "things" around you a tad simpler yet making a statement with your flooring. Go ahead and "ooh and aww" over the pictures below because I know I sure do every time I come across her beautiful designs!
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May 4, 2015

Elle + Ford's Neutral Nursery

I am so excited to finally share Elle + Ford's sweet nursery with you and honored that Style Me Pretty Living is featuring it today :) You must hop over to their blog to see the full post but I will share a few sneak peak pictures with you here! 
When I found out I was having a boy/girl twins, I knew I wanted the space to capture a sense of adventure for my little guy and a touch of daintiness for my little girl. While I love pink and blue, I wanted to keep the space neutral... emphasizing textures and patterns more than colors. If you know me or have worked with me on a project before, I am very big about only accessorizing with "useful" things... I'm definitely anti "dust collector items"!! Keeping that in mind, I focused on adding color through their books, journals, their little shoes, and of course a few blabla dolls! I am so thankful to Conrhod Zonio Photography for capturing the personality of this room and I hope you enjoy his beautiful images!
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April 22, 2015

Elle & Ford

Hello lovely followers :) I have sure missed chatting with you the past month... time has flown by as I have been busy being Mommy to our two sweet additions, Elle Marie & Ford David!!! It's hard to believe they will be a month old on Saturday (eeeekk!!), time needs to slow down! I knew being a new Mom would be fun but I didn't realize how much more I would fall in love with them each day. All those sleepless nights and fussy mornings can get to you after a while, then the second they look at you and give you a little smirk, you take back every complaint you ever had. 

If you have followed our pregnancy journey, you know we had to work extra hard to bring these two little ones into the world, so having them here is that much sweeter! When I found out that I was pregnant with twins, I was ecstatic. Then I found out I was pregnant with boy/ girl twins and was even more ecstatic... my lifelong dream (more like my crazy "never gonna happen" fairytale) came true! By no means was this an easy pregnancy... these boogers tried to scare us and make their arrival way too early, around 23 weeks of pregnancy. After strict bed rest and LOTS of prayers, they decided to settle down and stay put until 36 weeks and 2 days... Jesus sure does listen :) Elle was a petite little thing at 4 lb. 11 oz. and gets prettier by the day (if I do say so myself!! hehe) and Ford is as handsome as they come and weighed in at 5 lb. 6 oz. We were fortunate enough to avoid any type of NICU stay and were able to bring them home with us at 3 days old! Since then, they have been eating us out of the house and gaining little chubby cheeks! 

You know you can't get away without me sharing a few pictures :) These were taken when they were nine days old by the lovely Patrice Burlew! She did such an excellent job of capturing their little personalities... Elle is quite the dramatic one and Ford is an aggressive go getter, just like his Daddy! Speaking of their Daddy... I must give a shout out to him! If you have little ones, you know how much work it is, especially those first few weeks. My husband was a lifesaver then and continues to be. I have gotten the chance to fall in love all over again as I watch him become a truly amazing Dad. Those moments when I catch him talking politics to his little boy (yes, this really does happen in our house!! haha) or raving about how pretty his little girl is make my heart skip a beat! 

To sum it up, God is good! What a privilege we have to live each day wrapped up in his love! Thank you to all of you for your prayers and thoughts along the way. 

P.S. I promise I'll get back on the blog :) :) Hope you follow along! 
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Elle Marie

Ford David

Isn't this the sweetest picture?? I am a little obsessed with this one!! 

March 24, 2015

Liz Carroll Interiors

Liz Carroll Interiors is definitely my design crush of the week! I love her slightly feminine style with her faint pretty pastel tones. I couldn't help but be slightly bias towards her as we seem to share a mutual love for Serena & Lily, as I see bits and pieces of it here and there in her work. Preppy colors, wallpaper to brighten your day, ceramic lamps in lots of cozy spaces and timeless draperies... my kind of girl! I am just showing off one of her beautiful designs but you should start off your day by hoping over to see her portfolio. Wishing you happy spring thoughts :) 
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